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Hello, world.

I finished yet another issue of my zine.  Issues are $1.  Let me know if you would like one. 

In other news, fall has happened. 

it's the small things

I always forget to close my parentheses. 

the things that occupy my mind

The good news?  My landlord finally had someone come put my storm windows back on my apartment (after they had been taken off earlier this summer for painting, which left me without screens on my windows which was horrible, but anyway...)

The bad news?  There is a fly trapped in the space between one of the windows and its storm window.  I feel genuinely sad for it, but there's nothing I can do.  I just keep imagining myself as that fly, and how horrible and short my life would be.  

how things [will go] [are going] [went]

What's new?

It's started raining again. 
School started. 
I went to Sacramento for 2 weeks and came back physically and mentally intact.
I had art openings. 
I met some halfway decent new people.
My apartment is messy. 
I'm falling behind on my zine.
I need a haircut.  
I'm busy?!

I feel like I should feel more than I feel.

Just got back from San Francisco.  My father and I stayed with my brother and his wife last night.  I always forget how great San Francisco is.  Before this trip I was considering living there at some point in my life, but I wasn't sure if I'd fit in.  Now I've decided that I will.  That feels good. 

This morning I walked along the beach.  Tonight I took the first bath I've taken in years.  I've gotten used to the fact that my apartment only has a shower.  I was never really a bath person anyway. 

I feel like now, after a week of staying in this hotel, the maids that clean my room have come to an agreement with me on the placement of the pillows on the bed.  I always rearrange them and today I came back to find that the room had been cleaned as usual but the pillows had been purposely arranged in the way I arrange them. 

Soon I will have enough dresses to cover the earth. 

I fell down the stairs of the art museum.

I overslept this morning, had no time to shower, and was almost late to work.  Now I feel unwashed. 

Sacramento seems to be full of restaurant-type places where you have to walk to a counter to order and then wait until your pager almost gives you a heart attack when it goes off, alerting you that your food is ready and you should go claim it before someone else does.  They also play bad music.  I haven't heard good music at any place I've been yet.  It's rather depressing. 

I went to the Crocker Art Museum here in town tonight.  They had an excellent pop art exhibition going on. 

I'm going to San Francisco on Saturday to visit my brother. 

This afternoon I finished a huge 333 page book about Jean-Luc Godard.  I picked it up at the library a week or two ago thinking, "hey, it'd be cool if I could read this," but not really expecting to actually finish it.  Now I feel accomplished.  

she's a girl who makes you feel

Sacramento is rather uninteresting so far.  The restaurants are all rather expensive and I miss everyone in Portland.  The loneliness is the only thing I don't like about traveling. 

Tonight I ended up amusing myself by watching Monty Python sketches on YouTube.  Earlier today I went to a coffee chain called Java City where the smallest cup of coffee you could order was a 16 oz.  I was jittery for the rest of the day.  It was good coffee though.  

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